Stakeholder engagement: results

The questionnaire published in this tab with the purpose described on its head recorded an important participation. All the answers were collected and carefully analysed in order to identify the most urgent needs of the stakeholders needs in terms of type of indicators, products or scales. Some stakeholders have explicitly mentioned their willingness to collaborate in the evaluation of products beyond providing a qualitative survey so efforts will be made to engage them in that. Consortium believes that the project succeeded to engage with very diverse stakeholders, such as international organisms like the World Food Program from the United Nations or the IWMI-CGIAR, grassroots non-governmental organizations, private companies and Ministries from national government and several researchers/universities from all around the world.

Some figures to summarize the results related to the main interests of the stakeholders are presented below.

Stakeholder engagement: questionnaire

In order to develop a tailored solution and to get the potential users involved in this task, a questionnaire to identify the most urgent needs of stakeholders has been defined. You can see the set of questions below. If you are a potential stakeholders of FORWARD project and want to collaborate with us, we would appreciate if you could complete the following form. For any other ideas or suggestions, do not hesitate to send them to us through our contact data. Thank you very much for your collaboration!