This transnational and transdisciplinary consortium combines the best partners for successfully completing the project and exploiting the full valorisation potential.

Through the synergy of industry and academia, each party has complimentary expertise and experience for both research and valorisation: the industrial partners have extensive experience in R&D, software implementation and global valorisation, while the academic partners further increase the R&D potential through state-of-the-art expertise and strengthen the connection with researchers and stakeholders.


TSK is a global engineering firm (turnover of ~ €800 million) that provides various operational solutions. TSK is, amongst others, specialized in Big Data, and completed several major international R&D projects in this field. Also, TSK has a global network in industry, which helps in identifying needs and increasing the valorisation potential. Last year alone, TSK participated in more than 10 R&D+I projects, and more than 5 collaborations with universities and SMEs.


Sumaqua is a Belgian start-up, whose team originates entirely from and still connects to the KU Leuven University. The team has extensive R&D experience in both data-driven and process based modelling (and merging both types), advanced statistical analyses and climate change. This is reflected by more than 30 international peer-reviewed international journal and conference papers of the P.I. (>200 by the entire SUM team), and the team’s participation in >5 relevant R&D projects in the past 3 years (e.g. real time control, set-up of a water data infrastructure (IT), climate impacts on water availability).


 DTU’s Environment Department is a leading international R&D center for water science and technology. Relevant experience includes research on synergies between EO and continental-scale inland water modelling, projects such as “River&Lake” (ESA-funded), Tiger-Net in Africa and Smart-UAV for environmental monitoring.


In addition, two collaborators participate as subcontracting by TSK:


The expertise from UPM through subcontracting focuses on land surface dynamics modelling based on remote sensing. Their research is applied on water resources management (hydrological and irrigation systems).



The expertise from UNO, University of Oviedo, is aimed at estimating ET via cost-effective and generalized numerical computational fluid dynamic models.


These complimentary added-values and track-record of innovative research and projects prove that this consortium can bring Big Data to operational water management and advance the knowledge base.




“The authors would like to thank the EU and (Centre for the development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) and Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO)) for funding, in the frame of the collaborative international consortium FORWARD financed under the ERA-NET Cofund WaterWorks2015 Call. This ERA-NET is an integral part of the 2016 Joint Activities developed by the Water Challenges for a Changing World Joint Programme Initiative (Water JPI).